Ebru Şahin, who plays the leading role in the series “Destan”, which is now broadcast on ATV, and Cedi Osman, who plays in the NBA, rolled up their sleeves to sit at the wedding table. The famous couple, who started the wedding preparations, will hold two separate ceremonies in Turkey and abroad.

Ebru Şahin, who gained fame with the character of “Reyyan” she played in the series “Hercai”, which made the final, and Cedi Osman, who wore the jersey of the NBA teams Cleveland Cavaliers, took the first step towards marriage last September.

Cedi Osman and Ebru Şahin, who have been together for a long time and express their love at every opportunity, are preparing to enter the world house. The couple, who rolled up their sleeves for the wedding, will sit at the wedding table after the NBA season ends in June. Osman and Şahin will have two separate weddings. The first will be held in Çeşme, where Osman’s family lived and their love affair began. The second will be in America, where the basketball player continues his career.