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Dilan Çiçek Deniz’s Wedding Rush – Wedding Dress Rehearsal

Dilan Cicek Deniz; After the TV series “Çukur” and “Alev Alev”, she was in front of the camera in the movie “Leaders”, in which she shared the lead role with Burak Deniz. She had dinner with her boyfriend, Icelandic director Thor Saevarsson, at a venue in Bebek. The beautiful actress, who came out when she saw the reporters, said, ‘When will the wedding be?’ answered the question.

What does it mean to being a Bride in a Dream?

Being a bride in a dream indicates receiving good news and happy news. It signifies good and beneficial developments. To see that you are a bride in your dream means that your wishes, desires and wishes will come true. It means the disappearance of sadness, grief, troubles and troubles. It is the greatest of happiness. It’s about achieving your dreams.

Who did CHP deputy Gürsel Tekin marry, what kind of wedding dress did his wife wear?

Entering the world marriage with newscaster Mehtap Özkan at Çırağan Palace, CHP Istanbul Deputy Gürsel Tekin shared their happiness with his loved ones. While the announcer Mehtap Özkan wore a wedding dress, the couple’s close friends attended the ceremony. Gürsel Tekin, the mother of one of his children, divorced his second wife, Nihan Tekin, in January last …