Actress Demet Evgar and manager Levent Babataş got married yesterday with the wedding ceremony between the family.

Famous actress Demet Evgar and business manager Levent Babataş turned their six-year-long partnership into a happy ending with a family wedding. Sarıyer Mayor Şükrü Genç performed the wedding of the couple.

What is the model of Demet Evgar’s Wedding Dress?

In the ceremony where humorous moments were experienced while they said “yes”, Demet Evgar’s childhood friends Duygu Acar and Selen Öztürk were the wedding witnesses, while Levent Babataş’s close friends Özlem Oğuz and Yeşim Koçak were the couple’s wedding witnesses.

The wedding Ceremony Will Be In The Summer

After the wedding ceremony between the family due to the pandemic, the couple’s wedding will take place in the summer with the participation of their friends.