A news from Kiev (Kyiv) made the whole world smile, not just Ukrainians. The Ukrainian couple, who got married at the front with their military uniforms on, proved that life goes on despite everything…

The bride put her veil over her camouflage clothes, the groom came to the wedding with a helmet on his head. The clergyman who had the wedding ceremony was in the same situation. The guests also attended the happiest day of their friends with heavy weapons and anti-tank missiles on their shoulders. The Mayor, among the guests, did not take off his bulletproof vest even while taking a ‘selfie’ with the bride and then with the army of journalists who were invited to immortalize the wedding.

The wedding in question was held in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine under Russian occupation. Those who got married in the city under Russian siege were Lesya Ivashchenko and Valeri Filimonov, two members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This wedding, which was cut between the sounds of gunfire, was seen as proof that the normal flow of life continued even in the bloodiest and hottest moments of the war.

”Life goes on”

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klichko made the same point in his speech. “Life goes on, people live and their love helps those at war,” said Klichko, adding that the couple were “normal people” who just two weeks ago did not even think about taking up arms, “but now they want to defend Kiev together.”