One of the most puzzling questions on the minds of couples after the wedding is the subject of washing the wedding dress. In terms of cleaning the wedding dress, is the wedding dress washed at home? Which dry cleaner should I give it to? How should we store the wedding dress? In this article, we are looking for answers to many questions that come to mind.

How to store the wedding dress?

Since the wedding dress is a special type of clothing, it should be cleaned and stored in the right storage conditions in the post-wedding process. At this point, it is an option to clean the wedding dress at home with your own means as well as sending it to dry cleaning.

How to wash a wedding dress at home? What are the methods of cleaning and drying wedding dresses at home?

However, the point to be considered here is whether the model and fabric of the wedding dress is suitable for washing. If the fabric and embroidery are suitable for washing, you can wash the dress by turning it inside out. At this point, high temperatures and chemical cleaning materials must be avoided. You can complete the drying process by hanging the wedding dress after washing.

Since parts such as the hem, sleeves, tail and collar part will be more dirty, the washing process will be easier if you wipe these points with a cloth before washing. You can wash by hand or in your washing machine at low temperature (such as 30-40 degrees) and at low cycles for delicate clothes. After the drying process, you can proceed to the folding and storage phase.

You can use water, soap and vinegar during the cleaning process. Also you can use an old toothbrush for stain removal. You can also try to remove the contaminated areas by soaking them in soapy water. At this point, if the stains and dirt are too big to deal with, it would be best to give them to the dry cleaners. The last thing you want to risk is a wedding dress. For this reason, we do not recommend the ironing part of the wedding dress.

How is the wedding dress folded? Where is it stored?

After cleaning and drying, you can wrap your wedding dress in a sheath, paper or a scrapbook and store it in a storage box. The purpose here is to protect the wedding dress from dust and insects. The wedding dress will need to be folded before storing. We recommend that you do the folding process by turning it upside down. Especially in embroidered fabrics, embroideries will remain intact in this way. We recommend making a vertical fold, starting from the hem edges first and then the waist. Finally, if the wedding dress is folded in such a way that the upper body part is forward, possible traces of folding will be avoided.

Hanging the wedding dress on the hanger is not recommended in terms of both space and protection. Do not forget to ventilate your wedding dress at least once or twice a year. At this point, storage conditions are also important. You should avoid damp places and especially sunlight. The wedding dress exposed to sunlight will turn yellow faster.

Before wearing it again…

If your wedding dress is going to be used by a relative or perhaps even by your daughter, necessary changes can be made with the help of a tailor, you can give it to dry cleaners who are especially competent in the field of wedding dress cleaning, you can have your wedding dress professionally cleaned, dried and ironed. At this stage, you can decide which solutions to implement by rehearsing. If you have stored your wedding dress in the right conditions, you can make it ready for use after a short period of airing. On happy days, we wish you to wear beautiful and clean wedding dresses. Because every woman has the right to wear a beautiful wedding dress.