A new one has been added to the interesting wedding stories of those who ‘married’ themselves, a tree or a robot. A woman named Kitten Kay Sera, living in the US state of California, entered the world in pink after more than 40 years of ‘flirting’.

Kitten, who became the subject of the news in 2018 and described as ‘the pinkest person in the world’ because she dyed her entire house and wardrobe completely pink, took her love of pink one step further and ‘married’ with the color pink last week, inspired by a child she spoke to.

Kitten, who went to the wedding ceremony, which she called ‘the biggest day of my life’, in a pink Chevrolet vehicle, wore a pink ring for herself. Sharing her pink cake with a pink swan ornament on it, Kitten told KVVU-TV that she had been ‘flirting’ with the color pink for over 40 years, but now ‘it’s time to give this relationship a name’.

“I thought why not wear pink every day?”

Kitten has explained in previous interviews that her love for the color pink started because of the outfits she wore on her 20th birthday, “I felt great. I thought, if wearing so many pink clothes at once made me feel so amazing, why not wear pink every day? Jeans – white t-shirt again. “It seemed silly to me to go back to the two of them,” he said.

She Sold Her Car For The Color Pink

Kitten, who sold her car for pink and moved to Hollywood, where she can see the bright pink lights from her Houston home, said: “I’m like a flamingo in a world full of pigeons. Walking down the street at work in the morning, I see everyone dressed in gray and black. they say” he was troubled.