Famous pop singer Ece Seçkin got married to her pilot lover Çağrı Terlemez, whom she has been with for 4 years. In addition, many famous names attended the wedding.

So many wedding witnesses!

The couple’s wedding witnesses are famous names.

Ece Seçkin and her lover Çağrı Terlemez held their wedding, which was postponed due to the pandemic. At the ceremony held in Beykoz, the couple’s close friends Danla Biliç, Derya Uluğ and presenter Esra Erol Özbir, Ozan Doğulu and Çağrı Terlemez’s close friend Alper Toyoğlu were the couple’s wedding witnesses. The fact that there were plenty of wedding witnesses at the wedding ceremony surprised the guests.

One wedding, Two wedding dresses.

The second wedding dress that Ece Seçkin wore at her wedding.

Famous names Ozan Doğulu, Enis Arıkan, Derya Uluğ, İrem Derici, Esra Erol, Sinan Akçıl and Burcu Kıratlı couple, Danla Bilic, Merve Özbey and other celebrities who attended Ece Seçkin’s wedding did not leave their close friends alone on these happy days.

Ece Seçkin, who said that she will gift her wedding dresses to her fans after her wedding, wore two different wedding dresses on the night.

A-line strapless wedding dress with a long veil.

We can say that the famous pop singer, who wore two different wedding dresses, a polka dot-inspired, transparent, lace skirt wedding dress and sleeveless A-cut, had a very popular wedding ceremony on social media.

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