IF Wedding Fashion 2021 is about to end, we are keeping the pulse of the industry. In this article, we will try to convey our impressions of the fair to you. How was the 15th Izmir Wedding Dress Fair?

Photos from the 15th IF Wedding Fashion – İzmir Wedding Dress, Groom Suit and Evening Gowns Fair.

With the pandemic period, there was a pause in the wedding industry, as in many sectors. However, with the lifting of the restrictions and the postponement of weddings during the epidemic, the wedding economy revived. During this period, with the efforts of the sector officials, the wedding industry began to heal its wounds. Experienced developments and changing consumer expectations continue to ensure the change and transformation of all actors involved in the process.

Observations for the Fair

İzmir has the same meaning for Turkey as Turkey is for the wedding dress industry in the world. Approximately 70% of the domestic wedding dress production is carried out by the wedding dress companies in İzmir. The deep-rooted history, innovative works and activity of the bridal gown economy in the city is the number one factor in the emergence of this rate. Particularly, the interest of foreign companies and customers in the wedding dress industry in Izmir is remarkable. Here, we should also emphasize İzmir’s rich past and potential.

All the stakeholders who took part in the wedding dress fair held in Gaziemir Fair Izmir did a really professional job. All professional organizations involved in the process, especially İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, seem to have spent their knowledge and experience on this event. Especially considering the needs and potential of the sector, the theme is not limited to wedding dress fashion. In the wedding economy, outside the wedding dress; Areas such as groom suits, accessories, shoes and evening dresses are at least as important as the wedding dress industry.

In addition, we can say that the organization was prepared professionally in many ways, especially in transportation, planning, media, tourism and visuality. If we are to make a constructive criticism here, we can say that perhaps more promotion could have been made in order to attract ordinary visitors apart from the participants. However, we can say that the participation has reached satisfactory figures despite the pandemic and the event being postponed before. Especially the high number of foreign investors and visitors gave us hope for the upcoming fairs.

Fashion shows increased the interest.

Fair organizations are very important events in terms of revealing the current situation of the industry and its vision for the future. IF Wedding İzmir Wedding Dress Fair, which is about to become a tradition now, also revealed the leading names of the sector and their future vision with the wedding dress design competition and concept fashion show programs. Here, we must emphasize the importance of the busy fashion show program in attracting visitors.

Finally, we can say that the 15th IF Wedding Fashion İzmir Wedding Dress, Suit and Evening Gowns Fair was positive for all components of the wedding industry. We hope that the number of such wedding and wedding dress organizations will increase in our country. This synergy that emerged in İzmir spreads to other cities as well. We witness the growth of the economic process that expands from the local to the global. The negativities caused by the pandemic period will be left behind as soon as possible. We hope and hope that the advantages of this difficult period will also be analyzed by our companies.

Hope to see you in another fair, in another organization…