Elegant wedding dress designs made their mark in the 12th Bridal Design Competition, which was held at the 15th IF Wedding Fashion İzmir Wedding Dress, Bridegroom and Evening Gowns Fair. The concept wedding dress design competition held in the theme of awakening seems to bring a new breath to the wedding dress industry.

The designs of the finalists are exhibited at the 15th IF Wedding Fashion İzmir Wedding Dress, Suit and Evening Gowns Fair.

In the final where 15 finalists competed, Nurdan Ahsen Fıçıcı’s design was awarded the first place. The model, designed under the mentorship of Özgür Canmetin, attracted great interest from the fair visitors.

What is IF Wedding Fashion 12. Bridal Design Competition aiming?

Awakening theme:

“The coronavirus pandemic has become the driver of the greatest global change in most people’s lives. In this process, new consumer behaviors emerged. Like all industries, the fashion industry is working to adapt to a creative future.

During this period, we had an imperative situation. Designing is not a mechanical job, emotions and feelings are in the foreground. The social and economic changes we are in also affect fashion when we look at it globally.

During the pandemic process, we turned inside and questioned ourselves. Designers appealing to large audiences have taken on an important mission and evaluated this process well and considered it as an awakening.

The wedding dress model of Nurdan Ahsen Fıçıcı, who won the competition.

We took advantage of this opportunity given to us and questioned what we had woken up to. In this process, calmness and practicality came to the fore. Relations strengthened. It was the perfect timing for the awakening. How will the design community, where emotions are at the forefront, guide the fashion industry with this awakening? Perhaps sustainability will now be a conscious act of living.

The consumer wants to see designs that will make you feel good; the wedding dress is more special, it should feel very special for that day. We are experiencing the awakening and enlightenment of freedom and awareness in the human mind. Where did you end up in the awakening process?”

Jury Members:

  • Berat Kayışkan
  • Prof. Dr. Ender Yazgan Bulgun
  • Erdal Güvenç
  • Erol Albayrak
  • Esin Özyiğit
  • Hande A. Can
  • İsmail Urhan
  • Prof. Dr. Nesrin Türkmen
  • Özlem Kaya
  • Dr. Pınar Türkdemir
  • Sevda Demir Parlak
  • Tuba Ergin
The design concept of the winning wedding dress.


  • Asya Samantır
  • Aytül Akdoğan Öneme
  • Burak Akın
  • Çağ Burak Canpolat
  • Ezgi Mahir
  • Gözde Ağca
  • Gülçin Dinçler
  • Gülsüm Güneş
  • Hasancan Meşelik
  • Mehmet Kınlı
  • Kaan Biricik
  • Nisa Nur Şükran Hapil
  • Nurdan Ahsen Fıçıcı
  • Oğuzhan Öndeyer
  • Şeyma Dağ