Seda Sayan and Çağlar Ökten sat at the wedding table as a surprise last night. The couple, who is expected to get married in Prague on May 7, combined their lives in Istanbul due to the problems experienced by Seda Sayan’s team in visa.

Famous singer and presenter Seda Sayan got married to Çağlar Ökten. The couple said ‘yes’ to each other the previous evening at a luxury hotel in Beşiktaş. Safiye Soyman and Esra Özmen were the wedding witnesses for Seda Sayan, and Faik Öztürk and Fuat Özdolgun for Çağlar Ökten. Sayan and Ökten were expected to get married on May 7 in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. However, due to the problems experienced in the bilateral visa, he got married in Istanbul. The artist, whose real name is Aysel Gürsaçer, took the surname Ökten.

While Çağlar Ökten’s holding her wedding certificate did not go unnoticed, Safiye Soyman’s preferred outfit shook the social media. Safiye Soyman, a close friend of Seda Sayan, made an emotional speech. Soyman said, “I am very excited today, I did not sleep until the morning anyway. ‘I am dying!’ I said. This date was really put forward for me, it’s true. They were going to Prague. I had a schedule too, I canceled it completely. But how upset I was. ‘I can’t go to Prague, Seda is abroad.’ I died, I died… Finally, I was praying, ‘My God, I hope they can’t get a visa and they’ll be here.’ “They didn’t get it. I’m very happy. Seda is my everything, my world… They found such a beautiful happiness. They are in love with each other.” said.