Brooklyn Beckham, the eldest son of world-famous couple David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, got married in Miami with actress Nicola Anne Peltz.

Brooklyn Beckham (23), the son of Victoria Beckham-David Beckham couple, one of the richest celebrities in England, took the first step towards marriage by getting engaged to actress Nicola Anne Peltz (27), in July 2020. Continuing their happy relationship, the duo united their lives.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Anne Peltz got married the previous day in a closed-to-the-press wedding in Miami. Cruz became Brooklyn’s best man, while Harper was among the bridesmaids of the bride. Beckham and Peltz were married, according to Jewish custom, by the rabbi. This is how Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Anne Peltz’s happy days were reflected in the lenses. Victoria-David Beckham couple shared the excitement of their son. The couple, who came to the ceremony area hand in hand, dazzled with their elegance. The former football player was seen wearing a stylish tuxedo for the wedding. Victoria Beckham also preferred a satin long dress for this special day.

Mysterious Wedding Ceremony at the Million Dollar Mansion

The couple’s wedding was held at the mansion in Palm Springs, Florida, where the bride’s family is said to be worth £76m. It is among the allegations that the cost of the ceremony will be around 3 million pounds. It was also stated that the duo sold the broadcasting rights of the wedding ceremony to Vogue Magazine, so strict measures would be taken to prevent the guests from posting on social media.