Famous photographer Mehmet Turgut and songwriter and jazz performer Ada Sanlıman concluded their long-term relationship with marriage. Many famous names from the world of art and society attended the wedding. What wedding dress did the bride wear?

Many prominent names of the society attended the wedding.

Photographer Mehmet Turgut got married to Ada Sanlıman, whom he has been with for a long time, the previous day in Muğla.

Ada Sanlıman married Mehmet Turgut.

Many famous names from the art world attended the couple’s wedding. Alper Kul, who shared the photos of the duo on his Instagram account, congratulated the couple. “And our son finally said ‘yes’. May your happiness always increase, my dears. He shared his note. In addition, 200 people, consisting of the bride and groom’s family and very close friends, attended the wedding.