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What is the Price of Gökçe Bahadır’s Wedding Dress?

Gökçe Bahadır, the lead actor of the TV series “Everything About Marriage”, sat on the wedding table with musician Emir Ersoy. The beautiful actress wore two different wedding dresses at the ceremony held in İzmir Alaçatı. The price of Bahadır’s wedding dress, which draws attention with its black belt and black glove detail, has emerged.

What does it mean to being a Bride in a Dream?

Being a bride in a dream indicates receiving good news and happy news. It signifies good and beneficial developments. To see that you are a bride in your dream means that your wishes, desires and wishes will come true. It means the disappearance of sadness, grief, troubles and troubles. It is the greatest of happiness. It’s about achieving your dreams.

Hadise and Mehmet Dinçerler are getting married!

Famous singer Hadise is getting married. Mehmet Dinçerler made a marriage proposal to his lover Hadise. Hadise, who accepted the marriage proposal, shared her romantic video with her lover with the note “Our episode starts now”. Hadise’s post received hundreds of thousands of likes in a short time. What kind of wedding dress will Hadise …