Serkan and Gökhan Duman, who made a name for themselves with the quality fashion organizations they choreographed, put their signatures on fashion shows, each of which received a standing ovation during the fashion season we left behind.

Serkan and Gökhan Duman, who undertook the organization of the fashion show held at the Sait Halim Paşa Mansion, where the most famous models of Turkey wore wedding dresses with the unique view of the Bosphorus, received full marks with their signatures in the fashion show, where unforgettable images were revealed. The Duman brothers, who made the final of the summer season with the Çeşme fashion show attended by models such as Özge Ulusoy and Günay Musayeva, were prepared for the Izmir Wedding Fashion Show, the most magnificent fashion organization of the season.

Serkan and Gökhan Duman, who successfully managed the magnificent organization in İzmir, where colorful fashion shows with the participation of models such as Çağla Şikel, Özge Ulusoy and Şebnem Schaefer were held, fit the choreography of the bridal fashion show of Hakan Akkaya, the pioneer of Turkish fashion, into 2021 and four major fashion shows in one year. signed the organisation.

Stating that their work will continue at full speed in 2022, Serkan and Gökhan Duman said, “Our success has come thanks to our young team of 50 people. We are very happy that we have satisfied both the models on the runway, the fashion designers, the press and the people who come to watch in everything we do. Our aim is Turkey. Carrying our successful organizations in Turkey abroad as well,” he said.