İdo Tatlıses and Yasemin Şefkatli couple, who got engaged in a simple ceremony between the family in 2020, got married in a magnificent wedding held at Raffles Hotel.

Yasemin Şefkatli & İdo Tatlıses couple.

İdo Tatlıses and Yasemin Şefkatli couple had their family photo taken with İbrahim Tatlıses, Derya Tuna, Ayşegül Şarlı and Sinan Şefkatli before the wedding. While Yasemin Şefkatli wore a wedding dress signed by Özgür Masur, Faruk Saraç prepared the groom’s suit for İdo Tatlıses. Yasemin Şefkatli’s wedding dress left its mark on the night with its long veil and flamboyant tail.

İbrahim Tatlıses and his son İdo Tatlıses posed for family photo on their happy days.

The couple had previously planned to get married with a 1000-person wedding at the Haliç Congress Center. However, they gave up due to the pandemic. Yasemin Şefkatli said, “We postponed our wedding process to a later date because we wanted all our loved ones to be with us.” Many famous names took part in the wedding ceremony of the couple, which was attended by approximately 550 people.