Dilan Cicek Deniz; After the TV series “Çukur” and “Alev Alev”, she was in front of the camera in the movie “Leaders”, in which she shared the lead role with Burak Deniz. She had dinner with her boyfriend, Icelandic director Thor Saevarsson, at a venue in Bebek. The beautiful actress, who came out when she saw the reporters, said, ‘When will the wedding be?’ answered the question.

“Women have dreams about their wedding, do you have dreams? What will your wedding be like?” The young actress was asked, “I guess there weren’t that many, we haven’t planned anything yet. I hope we will plan everything soon. Nothing at the moment,” he commented.

“We made some plans for the wedding”

Beautiful actress “When will the wedding be?” this time to the question; “We finally made some plans today. In a few months, but it depends on the situation. I’m going to do a few wedding dress rehearsals,” she replied.