Duygu Boztepe, actress and presenter ex-wife of actress Sertaç Boztepe, who died in 2015 due to cancer, married Ersin Özşen, whom she had been with for a while, and wore a wedding dress.

Duygu Boztepe & Ersin Özşen couple.

The wedding ceremony took place in Muğla.

Duygu Boztepe, who signed the wedding book at the ceremony held in Muğla Fethiye, posed for the cameras with her husband Ersin Özşen and daughter Duru at the wedding. In addition, Duygu Boztepe preferred a simple fish cut wedding dress with straps for the ceremony.

“My daughter gave the strength to resist.”

Duygu Boztepe, in an interview she gave a year after she lost her husband, Sertaç Boztepe, who had cancer, said the following:

“After losing my husband Sertaç Boztepe, my daughter Duru gave me the greatest comfort and strength to endure. Because I didn’t want him to see his mother as a woman who is in pain and crying all the time. The day we buried my husband, we returned home and Duru asked me to play dough with him. It was the breaking point of my life. I sat and played dough with my daughter for hours, putting my pain and tears inside me. We cannot determine our destiny.”