Yeşim Gelinlik Işıltılı Payet İşlemeli Tesettür Prenses Gelinlik

The most preferred model type of brides who choose hijab wedding dresses are princess wedding dresses. This model, designed with the experience of Yeşim Gelinlik, reveals its difference with its glittering sequin embroideries.

Princess hijab wedding dress model by Yeşim Gelinlik.

What is sequin (payet) embroidery?

Sequin (payet) is the name given to the glittering and small sequins embroidered on clothes. The small and glittering sequins embroidered on the fabric are called sequins. Fabrics with sequins on them are also called sequin fabric or sequined fabric. You can use it colored or transparent. We see it used on decorative pillows, covers, wedding dresses, evening dresses, etc.

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