With the pandemic period, there has been an increase in the number of couples who married with a registry office wedding ceremonies (chamber marriage). As it offers an economical and fast solution, the most preoccupying question for brides is the wedding dress model to be worn in the preferred indoor room wedding. In this article, we tried to introduce 8 different wedding dress models that can be worn in indoor wedding ceremonies.

What is Registry Office Wedding Ceremony (Chamber Wedding)?

Functional ceremonies where there is no one other than the wedding officer, bride, groom and 2 witnesses (preferably a cameraman) are called chamber weddings (room wedding ceremony). It is held by municipal officials in the wedding halls belonging to the municipalities during working hours on weekdays. In this purposeful type of marriage, the marriages are performed without gaudy and ceremony. Wedding ceremonies, especially called lightning weddings, are also included in the category of chamber marriages.

Since chamber weddings are ceremonies held indoors, all wedding dress models suitable for the interior can be worn. However, since the number of visitors attending the chamber weddings is low, it is necessary to avoid very flashy wedding dresses. In addition, since the area used in room weddings is a narrow area, you should prefer simple models. However, wearing plain models does not mean that you cannot show your style.

In addition, since the effect of the pandemic continues, the fashion of marrying with a chamber marriage will probably continue in 2022. If you prefer simple ceremonies instead of ostentatious weddings, you can include a room wedding among your options. Finally, let us remind you that you should use as few accessories as possible in room weddings.

We have listed some of the simple but elegant (at the same time flashy) models for you.

1. A-Line wedding dresses are also known as the most classic, simplest wedding dresses. Make sure to take advantage of this feature of the A-cut style.

2. Bohemian wedding dresses: These models with a little seriousness and style are just for you.

3. Although fish cut wedding dresses are generally known as flashy models, you can combine them with elegant accessories and thin heeled shoes.

4. If you say that I can reveal my style wherever I go, it is possible to find different useful models among Vintage wedding dresses.

5. Take advantage of the nobility of Mikado fabric.

6. You can also consider elegant romantic wedding dresses as an option.

7. Cool solemnity can be easily achieved with wedding dresses with closed neckline.

8. You can provide the effect that you need to the plain wedding dress you are wearing, with a lace style.