Famous singer Mustafa Sandal and his lover Melis Sütşurup got engaged in a simple ceremony between the family. While Sütşurup preferred a black dress at the engagement ceremony, Sandal’s wearing a T-shirt became trend topic on social media.

Singer Mustafa Sandal (52) took the first step in marriage with his long-time girlfriend Melis Sütşurup (33). The couple wore the rings with a simple engagement ceremony held between the family. Şütşurup shared these happy days on her social media account with the note “Now he is my fiancee, but he will be my lifelong lover”.

Sandal’s wearing a plain black t-shirt for his engagement became the trend on social media. The famous pop singer was criticized on social media for his preference.

Wedding Ceremony in June

It is said that the couple, who continued their relationship after breaking up before, is planning a two-day wedding ceremony in June. On the other hand, the famous singer said in an interview he gave after his breakup with Sütşurup, “We had a good time with Melis.”

Sütşurup, who got angry with her ex-lover, said: “The reason why our relationship with Mustafa ended is not a message I saw on his phone. I learned such a thing about Mustafa by chance that I ended the relationship right away.”