It is in your hands to carry comfort and elegance together with Bella A-line strapless wedding dress. This wedding dress, signed by Beyaz Butik, seems to attract attention among A-cut wedding dresses in 2022.

Bella by Beyaz Butik. (back view)

Separated from the classic A-cut models with its strapless neckline and lace-covered design, Bella’s sleeves are also ruffled. In addition, we see that there is a great harmony with the satin skirt and the free plain veil that was given as a gift.

Finally, let’s say that the price is 11,990 TL. You will love Bella, which will be pleasing to both your pocket and your eyes.

What is ruffle (volan/volant)?

Ruffle; It is a piece that is cut from the garment’s own fabric or a different fabric to parts of the garment, such as the hem, collar, and sleeves, and turns into a frill with its wide side.

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