One of the most confusing problems for brides-to-be after choosing a wedding dress is the choice of accessories and shoes. In this article, we will try to give advice with the experience of Vakko Wedding Dresses regarding the selection of accessories, which is the biggest complement to the wedding style.

1. Flowers are among the most used motifs in wedding dresses with their simple and symbolic appearance.

2. You can add symmetry to the bun you use in your hair by using more than one flower.

3. Leaf crowns should always be on your mind as a classic and elegant option.

4. You can combine large floral motifs into a crown and easily take on a princess style.

5. If you want to add a little mystery and seriousness, you can choose accessories that will close your eyes.

6. Another way to capture the queen style is to use elegant tiaras. Especially if you are wearing a princess cut wedding dress, you should try simple and elegant crowns.

7. If you say you don’t want ordinary accessories, give me a different and striking accessory…

8. Another Classic: Birdcage veils…

9. Birdcage veil, Perfect for vintage-themed weddings and bridal gowns.

10. For those who don’t give up on seriousness: Another classic accessory…

11. If you say that this seriousness is not enough for me, you want more, tulle veils are for you.

12. Finally, different accessories such as hats and lace veils are often used in bohemian wedding dresses. Especially if you prefer the concept of a country wedding, you can also benefit from scattered crowns.

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