The princess wedding dress model is one of the most classic wedding dresses that are preferred by the bride candidates. In this article, we will look for answers to questions such as what is a princess wedding dress, what are the features that distinguish a princess wedding dress from other models.

What is a princess wedding dress? What is the difference between princess wedding dresses and other wedding dresses?

Princess wedding dresses, also known as puffy wedding dresses, are wedding dresses that show a noticeable puffiness in the skirt. While the top part of the wedding dress is extremely narrow and suitable for the mold, the skirt part has a sudden and intense fluff from the waist. The most important point that distinguishes these wedding dresses, which are almost the same as the A-Line cut wedding dresses and the upper parts, from the A-line is the fluff of the skirt.

In fact, if this fluff is more intense, it is possible for them to enter the ball gown class. In the skirt part, this look is made with the design of the wedding dress. However, sometimes with the help of accessories called “tarlatan”, fluffiness is provided. Although tarlatans are generally used in A-cut line wedding dresses, it is also possible to use them in princess wedding dresses.

What’s the ”tarlatan”?

Here, as a bride-to-be, you can choose the skirt part as too fluffy or less fluffy as desired. You can start the puff from the waist, or if you want to look taller than you are, you can start it as a low waist. Here, it is possible to look more ostentatious with the use of sufficient types. It is also of great importance that you choose the decollete and collar in accordance with your body structure.

Although princess wedding dresses are more ornate than models such as Helen wedding dresses, they are simpler models than ball gown wedding dresses. Therefore, they are among the classic models. They can be adapted in a fashionable way. It is possible to capture original styles with small touches.

Finally, in terms of color, princess wedding dresses are usually white, but they can be cream or even powder.

What are the types of princess wedding dresses?

Princess wedding dress models are also divided into models in different styles. These models generally carry the features of princess cut wedding dresses, but they also enable you to get the wedding dress concept you want. If we list some princess wedding dresses here: Long sleeve princess wedding dresses, strapless princess wedding dresses, transparent princess wedding dresses, lace princess wedding dresses, princess wedding dresses with ornaments and stones, princess wedding dresses with low shoulders, ball gown princess wedding dresses, low-cut princess wedding dresses, hijab princess wedding dresses, boat neckline princess wedding gowns…