In this article, we tell you the wedding dress model that best suits your personality and mood, according to your astrological – zodiac sign. Because when it comes to fashion, astrology and horoscopes are never wrong.

1. Aries Brides

Aries women are known for their energy and fondness for freedom. For this reason, a coach woman can never accept the patterns that are tried to be put on her. The most suitable models for Aries women are free and comfortable bohemian wedding dress models.

2. Taurus Brides

The Taurus woman is in harmony with her surroundings and has an artistic spirit. Tauruses with high empathy and artistic vision also have high tastes in fashion. Fish cut wedding dresses are cut out for taurus women.

3. Gemini Brides

Women with Gemini, the sign of change, adventure and journey, like to attract the attention of their surroundings. The Gemini bride, the sign of passion and innovation, does not hesitate to wear ball gowns with pompous bridal gowns, and they have the ability to carry this flamboyance.

4. Cancer Brides

The Cancer woman, the woman of love and commitment, is very successful in establishing a home and family life. Honest and devoted Cancer women enjoy classic wedding dresses. Classic style A-Libe wedding dresses are compatible with this zodiac sign.

5. Leo Brides

The Leo woman is ambitious, idealistic, generous, generous. Although he has experienced the disadvantages as well as the advantages of being helpful and frank, he never even thinks of giving up his altruistic and passionate temperament. Women of these zodiac signs with devil feathers will love the low-cut models with decollete.

6. Virgo Brides

For Virgo women who prefer intelligence over love, function always comes first. They prefer useful and useful things over pompous but useless things. These preferences apply not only to products and objects, but also to people. If you are a Virgo, you can choose comfortable, minimalist and fit wedding dresses.

7. Libra Brides

Neutral, fair and sarcastic Libra women also love fun, comfort and luxury. They are passionate and their fashion tastes are refined. Romantic models will be the first choice for Libra women.

8. Scorpio Brides

Hardworking, dynamic and energetic Scorpio women are very talented in matters of the heart, although they can’t keep up in their love life. They like to dominate others. This also applies to clothing styles. Scorpio women are the best at using accessories. Whatever your wedding dress model is, if you are a scorpio woman, do not hesitate to use accessories.

9. Sagittarius Brides

The restless, intense, energetic Sagittarius women are women who are fond of freedom. They also don’t like to take orders. We can recommend tailed bridesmaid dresses for spring women who never care about things like fashion patterns and fashion styles.

10. Capricorn Brides

Compatible, virtuous, honest and hardworking Capricorn women have more traditional tastes. Helen wedding dresses for determined and dignified Capricorn women are perfectly compatible models for Capricorn women.

11. Aquarius Brides

Kind, sympathetic, thoughtful Aquarius women are also very brave. It can easily remove people who resist change or don’t respect their tastes. They both like new styles and have classical and antique tastes. Vintage wedding dresses for Aquarius women are models worth trying.

12. Pisces Brides

The Pisces woman is a total love person. He will do anything to find the love of his life. However, after reaching it, he will definitely know its value. Although jealousy sometimes suffocates their partner, no one can love or value as much as Pisces. The best wedding dress model to suit Pisces women are lace wedding dresses that reflect love.