Ece Ronay, who is on trial with Mehmet Ali Erbil, married her fiancé, Mehmet Bilir. Ece Ronay, who recently announced that she is 2.5 months pregnant, shared her wedding images from her Instagram account.

Mrs. Ronay, in her sharing, said that they got married and that they will hold the wedding in the summer.

Ece Ronay, who became popular with her song “Karpuz” (watermelon), disclosed the messages sent to her by showman Mehmet Ali Erbil, who played in her music video in the past months, and filed a complaint against Erbil for “harassment” and “insult”. Singer and social media phenomenon Ece Ronay married her fiancé Mehmet Bilir.

Ece Ronay also shared photos and videos from the wedding on Instagram.

She announced that she was pregnant.

Ece Ronay announced that she was pregnant last month. Ece Ronay made a statement on her Instagram account, “I believe I have found the right father for my child. Maybe we’ll be happy, maybe not, I don’t know. We had the Imam’s wedding. I got a marriage proposal 4-5 months ago. We also pushed the wedding date forward,” she said.