Shiny, shimmering wedding dresses may not be for you, you don’t need accessories to draw attention to yourself. Simple wedding dress models are just for you… Now, minimal wedding dress designs have become popular again. In this article, we examine Eliza, a simple wedding dress designed by Alex Perry, one of the minimal designs.

The most important feature that distinguishes plain wedding dress models from other models is that elegance comes with simplicity. Tulle, feathers and beading may not be attractive enough, especially for brides-to-be who are confident in their physique. This is the aspect that makes minimal models also pleasing to the eye: It is enough to be as assertive as it should be.

Eliza model’s elegant look, curvy cut and fish cut skirt will give you the elegance you need on your most special night. Exclusive to Net A Porter, Alex Perry’s Eliza model shows that it is a suitable model for budget couples with a price tag of $ 2,700. After all, you can wear the Eliza model in salon weddings and wedding ceremonies.

Finally, you can see the details of Eliza wedding dress model here.

In the meantime, we will continue to share with you the most popular wedding dress trends of 2021. Stay tuned…