Aleyna Tilki wore a wedding dress for her new song, called ‘Sır’. What’s the model of Aleyna Tilki’s bridal wear?

Funny wedding: A robot groom and glamorous bridal.

Aleyna Tilki’s groom is a robot.

Turkish popular singer Aleyna Tilki made funny event for the promotion of her new song. Robot husband and role-play wedding ceremony was a matter of curiosity in the promotion and clip of her new song called ‘Sır’. Aleyna Tilki, who married a robot in the clip, introduced her new song in a fun way.

Long tulle veil and white ribbon attracted attention.

Ersay Üner was the witness of the singer and Cemal Can Canseven was the witness of the robot groom on wedding ceremony. In addition, let us remind you that the concept of a country wedding has left its mark on this year. When choosing a wedding venue, keep in mind that this concept first came to mind even for Aleyna Tilki.

An invitation post for new song promotion.

What’s the model of Aleyna Tilki’s bridal wear?

Aleyna Tilki said that: ”We went pretty crazy.”

We see that Aleyna Tilki chose a short skirt with a long tulle tail and a top with a low-cut waist and chest as her wedding dress. We also call like this wedding dresses called as bohemian wedding dress model. Moreover, you can use short skirted wedding dresses by combining them with a long tulle tail.