Protest for the cutting of trees in Bristol, England, 74 women married the trees to be cut in the forest area and wore wedding dresses.

In Bristol, England, more than 70 women married trees in protest against logging.

More than 70 women in the UK have ‘married’ trees to protest the destruction of natural areas. Organized by environmentalists, the ‘mass marriage ceremony’ took place in the forest area of ​​Bristol, where 166 apartments are planned to be built on the site of 74 large trees. Although marriage is not legally binding, women say that they have made their voices heard in the struggle to protect nature.

Previously, a marriage ceremony was held in Mexico for a similar protest.

Suzan Hackett, an environmental activist living in the area: “Marrying a tree is a total privilege. It’s not just an emotional step. It’s extremely important and symbolic. Trees are pure examples of unconditional love, which fits the idea of ​​marriage very well. Marriage is for life, breath is for life.” In addition, it was publicized that more than 4,000 hectares of forest areas were destroyed in England last year to pave the way for the construction industry.