In these days when we entered the crypto money period in the economy, weddings also got their share of technology. At the bride and groom’s jewelry ceremony in Karabük, 15,000 cryptocurrencies worth 3000 TL were inserted.

With the developing technology, we started to see cryptocurrencies that entered our lives in every aspect of daily life. In the jewelry ceremony held at the wedding of Mehmet and Vildan Özköse couple, who entered the world house in Karabük, a crypto money investor, Yunus Emre Yamanol, a family relative, wore 15 thousand crypto money with a value of 3 thousand TL to the bride and groom.

We started to see cryptocurrencies in every aspect of daily life.

The person who made the announcement during the jewelry ceremony said that he saw such a jewelry ceremony for the first time. Hearing this, the wedding attendees responded with laughter.