Now we see that many famous names wear more than one different wedding dress on their happiest days. It has become fashionable to wear the second or even the third wedding dress, especially for those who want to take off the heavy models after the tiring wedding atmosphere and continue the fun with more shabby models. What are the advantages of wearing a second wedding dress, also known as an after party wedding dress? In this article, we are dealing with the second wedding dress subject for you.

Who doesn’t want to be comfortable, while having fun after a tiring wedding?

Aysira After Party concept wedding dress model. Model no: 10GLST008118V01 (back view)

While wedding gowns with the concept of After Party celebrations are becoming more and more trendy day by day, bridal gown companies have started to process this theme in their designs. Many shabby and bohemian “second wedding dress” models are getting ready to leave their mark on wedding dress fashion. In addition to their beauty and functions, their prices are one of the most curious subjects. Let’s also say that you can rent your second wedding dress without buying it.

So how are the prices?

Considering this situation, experienced Aysira firm has prepared a special campaign for its customers who want to buy a second wedding dress for their wedding. A magnificent rental campaign has been made for the wedding dresses in the Aysira After Party Collection. For those who prefer their second wedding dress from the After Party collection, the rental price of the second wedding dress is set at only 1,500 TL.

Also, if you want to keep your style while having fun with your friends and to mark the night with more than one wedding dress; don’t forget to review the second wedding dress idea. However, it is in your hands to be one of the pioneers of the second wedding dress fashion!

Aysira After Party concept wedding dress model. Model no: 10GLST008118V01

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