In this article, we share an interesting wedding dress news with you. Princess Mako of Japan married her boyfriend Kei Komuro, whom she met at university in Tokyo in 2012.

Princess Mako lost her royal status with this marriage. Under Japanese Imperial law, female royalty lose their status if they marry a commoner. However, there is no such requirement for male members of the family.

Princess Mako, who did not hold a royal ceremony for the marriage, also turned down the payment offered to the female members who left the royal family. However, we see that the princess prefers a simple wedding dress.

Princess Mako, the niece of Emperor Naruhito of Japan, became the first female royal to reject both traditions. The couple is expected to move to the United States, where Komuro works as a lawyer after the marriage.

The couple, who held a press conference, apologized to those who thought they should get married in Japan. “We are only born once. I wanted to spend this life with the person I love,” said Mako.