The 30-piece collection prepared for the “Cinderella Gelinlik – Wedding Dress” brand by Hakan Akkaya, the leading name of Turkish fashion, will be put on sale in Germany before the end of 2021 and will be introduced with a magnificent fashion show in Istanbul.

Hakan Akkaya, one of the most important names in Turkish fashion, signed a very important agreement and opened to Europe in cooperation with Cinderella Gelinlik. Hakan Akkaya, who opened to America after Turkey’s famous stars and started to dress world stars, will prepare a special wedding dress collection for 2022 with the brand.

Hakan Akkaya x Cinderella 2022 Wedding Dress Collection

The Hakan Akkaya 2022 Cinderella collection, which will be sold at the company’s store in Germany, will consist of 30 pieces.

Hakan Akkaya, who met with Erdinç Karadağ, Cinderella Wedding Dress Chairman, in Istanbul, said, “There is a well-known and popular Hakan Akkaya line. We will reflect this on our wedding dresses together with the brand. I am also happy to be opening up to Europe after America,” he said.

Hakan Akkaya x Cinderella 2022 Wedding Dress Collection, which will be introduced with a magnificent fashion show in November, has already started to be curious.

Hakan Akkaya, who started to dress world stars such as Madonna and Megan Fox, said, “The dress we prepared for Megan Fox attracted attention. There are other names as well. Hakan Akkaya brand is known and preferred in America. We want to continue this with our wedding dresses and dress famous names in wedding dresses as well.”