Fashion designer Ivana Sert wore a wedding dress and married Sezer Dermenci, a business person with whom she had a love for a long time, in Maldives.

Finally, the fashion designer, who took part in the program called “Doya Doya Moda”, married with Sezer Dermenci, a business person.

The couple’s wedding took place in Maldives. Their close friends did not leave Sert and Dermenci alone on this happy day. Ivana Sert’s mother and son Ateş Sert also attended the wedding.

Sert, who was seen in Nişantaşı recently, said, “Do you make a marriage contract when you get married?”. She answered the question “Everything is clear with us, the important thing is love” and “What are you saying, baby?” She threw the ball to her lover Dermenci. Dermenci, on the other hand, replied, “The important thing is the story behind the love,” and supported his lover Sert. Ivana Sert was divorced from Yurdal Sert in 2013. The couple has a son named Kayon Ateş from this marriage.