Many people are trying to get involved in Metaverse, which has been very popular lately. Now, an US couple got married by holding a virtual wedding on Metaverse.

The concept of Metaverse has been very popular lately. Described as the ‘future of the Internet’, this concept means a collective digital universe created by combining virtual spaces. Many technology giants are investing billions of dollars in Metaverse, which is planned to be very common in the future, and increase their moves on this subject. It would be wrong to say that Metaverse, which Facebook changed its name for, is only interested in companies. Many people, like you and us, have already started to take their place in the rapidly increasing Metaverse craze.

Now a couple in the USA got married via Metaverse.

Metaverse madness continues at full speed.

Traci Gagnon, 52, and Dave Gagnon, 60, working at eXp Reality, made history by organizing a virtual wedding. The couple met 6 years ago at a virtual event organized by the company they work for. Gagnon couple, who met with the help of a platform that organizes virtual events called Virbela, got engaged in 2019. Then, the COVID-19 epidemic stepped in and the couple’s wedding plans were damaged.

After that, Jason Gesing, President of eXp Reality, the owner of Virbela, put the idea of ​​​​having a virtual wedding through Virbela in the minds of the duo. We were already seeing that wedding-like activities were held on platforms such as Zoom due to the COVID-19 outbreak; however, we have never met a wedding party over a virtual space before.

The wedding was held in a hybrid way.

The couple created an avatar on September 4, 2021 and held their wedding in a virtual space created by Virbela. The guests who attended the wedding also downloaded the Virbela program to their computer, created their own avatars and participated in the event. In addition, The New York Times reported that the virtual wedding took place at the same time as the real wedding, so that those who could not physically attend the event due to COVID-19 could attend the virtual wedding.

“There are many advantages to being a metaverse bride. One of them is that your avatar’s hair never breaks.”

Traci Gagnon, who stated that she was very happy about the ‘hybrid’ wedding they held, stated that it was a great event that everyone could attend the wedding, and she also joked: “There are many advantages to being a Metaverse bride. One of them is that your avatar’s hair never breaks.”

According to experts, such demands will increase in the future. Sandy Hammer, the founder of the company that plans for digital weddings, also made the following statements about this situation: “If you really want to do something different, Metaverse may be the right fit for you. You can even have your weddings in space one day thanks to these virtual spaces.”