In the post-pandemic period, which is normalized in 2022, trends in hijab wedding dress fashion are also changing, as in weddings. Hijab wedding dresses also get their share from this change. And most likely, more functional looks will be fashionable in hijab clothing. Let’s examine together the 5 hijab wedding dress models that are likely to be popular in 2022.

In the past years, hijab wedding dress fashion has turned to designs that put functionality at the forefront. However, the work of expert designers is also very satisfying in appearance. In this context, let’s say that the lace used on the sleeves and skirt adds a different atmosphere to the wedding dresses.

It should be noted that recently, brides may prefer short veils as well as longer veils. We can see that the use of appropriate accessories is also important in addition to the use of long veils.

In addition to these, brides-to-be who like flamboyant models as well as plain wedding dresses prefer embroidered fluffy skirts.

It is certain that we will see the use of long skirts and long veils more in 2022. However, let us emphasize that ornate and embroidered models are no longer as popular as they used to be, and brides-to-be prefer less ornate but more elegant models. It seems that the hijab fashion will witness brand new developments in 2022…