Businessman Nevzat Aydın married his fashion designer Zeynep Zenel. The wedding of the couple took place in Aydın’s mansion with Bosphorus view in Anadolu Hisarı.

Nevzat Aydın, the founder of Yemeksepeti, married his fashion designer Zeynep Zenel the previous evening. The allegations that Aydın planned a 4-day wedding in the Maldives and that he would take the guests by private plane came to the fore.

But the businessman decided to hold the wedding in Istanbul. 70 people attended the wedding ceremony held at Aydın’s house in Anadolu Hisarı. Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, performed the wedding of the couple. Aydın and Zenel had their wedding photos taken in the Bosphorus view.

He Said ‘Yes’ a Second Time

Nevzat Aydın, a computer engineer, developed the idea of Yemeksepeti while studying in the USA. By selling the company he founded in 2001 for 589 million dollars in 2015, he made the highest sales in Turkey’s internet history.

Nevzat Aydın, 45, was divorced in 2017 from Melis Pekand, whom he married in 2011. Aydın got married for the second time with Zeynep Zenel, partner of the fashion brand Whenever Company.