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Hadise and Mehmet Dinçerler are getting married!

Famous singer Hadise is getting married. Mehmet Dinçerler made a marriage proposal to his lover Hadise. Hadise, who accepted the marriage proposal, shared her romantic video with her lover with the note “Our episode starts now”. Hadise’s post received hundreds of thousands of likes in a short time. What kind of wedding dress will Hadise …

Ezgi Mola Wears a Wedding Dress

Masumlar Apartmanı (Apartment of Innocents), one of the popular TV series of TRT1 screens, continues on its way as a very successful project. One of the projects that made TRT1 the most watched broadcaster on TV series in 2021 was the Innocent Apartment.

Bride’s Diet to Lose 4 Kilos in 1 Week

You’ve found your dream wedding dress and now it’s your turn to achieve your dream weight. Bridal diet is for you. It may not be possible to eat properly during marriage preparations and wedding rush. However, you can lose weight in a healthy and proper way by consuming good foods in the right proportions.

Hakan Akkaya & Cinderella Wedding Dress Collection Attracted

The wedding dress fashion show of our world-famous couturier, Hakan Akkaya, consisting of 45 pieces, was introduced to fashion lovers at Shipyard Istanbul with the participation of an elite group of guests. Çağla Şıkel, who took part as the head model in the fashion show named “2022 Hakan Akkaya & Cinderella Bridal Capsule Collection”, dazzled on the runway with her red wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Cleaning – How to Wash Wedding Dress?

One of the most puzzling questions on the minds of couples after the wedding is the subject of washing the wedding dress. In terms of cleaning the wedding dress, is the wedding dress washed at home? Which dry cleaner should I give it to? How should we store the wedding dress? In this article, we are looking for answers to many questions that come to mind.

8 Different Wedding Dress Models to Wear for a Registry Office Wedding

With the pandemic period, there has been an increase in the number of couples who married with a registry office wedding ceremonies (chamber marriage). As it offers an economical and fast solution, the most preoccupying question for brides is the wedding dress model to be worn in the preferred indoor room wedding. In this article, we tried to introduce 8 different wedding dress models that can be worn in indoor wedding ceremonies.